Adjuster Testimonials

“Just a quick note about Research & Replacement Group. Various branches have used their services, successfully, over the years. Keep in mind, when using any replacement or evaluation service that outstanding service is still the goal of the claim division and the actions of vendors reflects upon the perception of [Insurance Company]. R&R; has always provided a high level of service to our policyholders and continues to provide replacement values below the "store front" cost.”

~Brian M. Manager, Personal Property Claims, Home Office.

“I have been with my present company for 6 years. During that time I have been working with Research & Replacement Group on all types of missing or damaged items. Their employees are very knowledgeable and their assistance is a valuable asset to me. One adjuster cannot be an expert on everything that a person might own, so having the team at Research and Replacement Group to help me is what I value. They have replaced many pieces of jewelry for me. Our customers contact us to say the replacement item is prettier than the one they lost or had stolen and that the representative was so nice and helpful to them. When I need information or replacement on guns, cameras, televisions or electronics; they are the “go-to-guys.” When they replace these items, the customers contact us to say all items arrived and they are very happy. Some days I don’t know how I would have been able to muddle through all of my work without them.”

~Teresa E.

“Thanks for taking care of [Insured’s] inventory. You and your team at Research & Replacement exceeded my expectations! I am thankful that I have an opportunity to work with a company that truly put their customers first. I am usually not this sappy and it really isn't my style, but I am taking off for vacation tomorrow and knowing that [Insured’s] claim is taken care of will allow me to enjoy my trip so much more.”

~Tom A.

“R&R; has always done an excellent job in taking care of our insureds and we certainly appreciate your efforts!”.

~Andy M.

“This insured had a gun and a lot of hunting supplies stolen from his auto at his home. He said he has been with [Insurance Company] for over 5 years.

[Insured] said, "I want to tell you that you will gain a lot of customers due to the excellent way my claim was handled. I could not have been more pleased. I told everyone how great your service was and how you helped me so quickly." He said had a reconceived idea that it was going to probably be hard and be a nightmare. He said that I told him what he needed to send and he sent it. He said R&R; Group knew just what to do and he was so helpful and easy to work with.

... Thanks again for your excellent service. I love a happy customer!“

~ Property Adjuster