Insured Testimonials

"R&R; Group has been fair, honest, prompt, and attentive. With my replacement specialist help, he turned what started out to be such unfortunate circumstances into a pleasant experience. It is not often in today's world that we meet someone who is so helpful."

~Carlos D.

"I have never filed a claim of any sort in the past so I had no idea what to expect. I was happily surprised by the way I was treated through-out this process. He made this experience feel like we were 2 friends working through a difficult situation."

~Ralph M.

"Thanks for working so close w/me to get everything resolved quickly and professionally. I know the items you got for us will be perfect! It's nice to know I can still call or e-mail you should I have more claim questions. Please know how very thankful I am to you for your professionalism and kindness."

~Robin C.

"I want to take a minute to express my gratitude for how you have helped me and my family the past couple of weeks. The first thing you did was to reassure me that you were sorry that we had to experience the loss (of items and of a sense of safety). I realize that you deal with people who experience these types of losses on a regular basis. I never felt as if you were working on just "another case", but that you were doing you absolute best to make certain that we got our replacement items quickly. As you probably figured out from my list of items stolen, I take great pride in having quality products for entertainment purposes as well as for business. You made certain that the replacement items would make me, at least, equally satisfied if not highly satisfied with them. I am very satisfied with the list of items you have ordered for me!

I hope that you continue working to make customers equally as satisfied for years to come. You have been a pleasure to work with during this somewhat stressful time. Thank you for your "aim to please" attitude and your ability to put customers at ease knowing that you are doing your best to make them happy...

To have our house back in order prior to that time will certainly help us bring in the New Year with a sense of joy. With many thanks to you, my family will be able to enjoy Christmas this season knowing that other than unpacking new high-quality shipped items that should arrive next week, this difficult time is almost over."

~James C.

"Unfortunately, my wife lost her diamond wedding ring set. I waited so long to report it, in hopes it would soon reappear. Not to mention, not wanting to go through the hassle of a claim and all that is involved to get a new replacement ring. I dreaded the thought of what was a head of me with the insurance company.

.The next day, [R&R; Group] gave me a call. I was afraid I would have to start all over, and I thought this process was about to get difficult. Once again your company proved me wrong. [R&R; Group] went above and beyond to make me the happiest customer you guys have. This was the smoothest transaction I've ever been involved in. [R&R; Group] and {Adjuster] can write a book on how to treat a customer over the phone."

~Joshua B.

"...the level of service I have received from your company through him has been absolutely outstanding during this trying time. His hard work is the biggest reason I am going to continue to do business with [Insurance Company]. I asked him who I should contact in order to properly convey my thanks-to make sure he gets the credit I feel he is due as well as to let [Insurance Company] know how pleased I am, hence the email to you."

~Mark S.

"I really do appreciate you working with me on everything as you have. It really makes a person realize what good customer service is all about, which is really hard to find anymore. You guys are top notch, and it shows that you really do care about the customer! I will let you know when I get everything else. Thanks again."

~Delan G.

"I just wanted to thank you for sending the new Gameboy (it works great) and the iPod. I can't wait to sit down and start cataloging all my CDs into playlists. Thank you for all the time and effort that you put into my claim, I couldn't be happier with the results! I'm still working on getting my new house move-in ready, but it will be so nice to play some video games and watch my DVDs on the new television when I have some downtime in a few months. Thank you so much! Take care!"

~Kelly H.

"This has truly been the best jewelry buying experience I've had and I know that was due in large part to [R&R; Group]."

~Sarah W.

".Thanks again so much for such dedication to making sure we had a quality outcome. Your careful selection of the stone and your regular communication on what was happening in the process was just the best! Thanks again,"

~Ann L.

"Thank you [R&R; Group], for your excellent service and guidance in going through this process. I think the most unexpected surprise was your mentioning you would try to get my golf bag embroidered with my name on it like the one that was stolen. Kat and I are very non-materialistic people (live in Log Home etc.) but that bag had a kind of a special materialistic/sentimental thing for me. We don't have a lot of emotion tied into even her mom's old china and all, but the idea that you would even "try" to get my name on the new one so it could be like my old one exceeded my expectations. Its funny how a little thing like that made such a impact. Even if it can't be embroidered, just the idea that you would try. Thanks for the kindness and help through all this."

~John L.

"[R&R; Group] was very prompt on initiating the process, not to mention extremely patient with me as I was engaged in the decision-making process. He never rushed me, and always provided me with options. He was kind in that he shipped several different pieces down to me, with no pressure to select those particular ones.

I genuinely appreciated his professionalism and overall courtesy. It was also a nice touch when he hand-delivered the jewelry to me. Hopefully, I will not have to go through that process again, however, it would not be something I would dread... As I did at first!"

~Kristy W.

"We just wanted to thank you for your help with our claim of the recent burglary of our home. You have been so kind and have made this a seamless process. I was so apprehensive about trying to replace something so very precious to me, my wedding and engagement rings but [R&R; Group] has gone out of her way to help me. It was such a relief to hear that I had choices and she would get as close to my ideal as possible. She is very knowledgeable and was so sincere in her kindness. She knows her business!

I have been having trouble with the concept of trust since the robbery and it was so nice to be reminded by you both that there are good and decent people in this world."

~Glenda L.