• When it comes to designing a new piece of jewelry or replacing a lost one, the process always starts with a call or email to your insureds from one of our jewelry specialists. Our team comprises graduate gemologists and jewelry experts who will gather inspirational images and specifications from the original appraisal, if applicable, and develop an initial CAD drawing along with an estimated cost for the replacement piece.


    Upon approval of the estimate, our jewelry specialist will create a computer-aided design (CAD) rendering with multiple views of the piece, enabling you to visualize the finished product clearly. At this stage, you can suggest any changes to the design. Once the rendering is finalized, our master jeweler can begin the intricate work of manufacturing the item.


    The manufacturing process finishes with the creation of a resin (wax) mold from the original CAD design, which is then used to cast the piece in the desired metal. At R&R Group, we only use pure metals combined with the finest Italian Alloys to Karat the fine gold. Once casting is completed, the piece undergoes a thorough inspection under magnification. If it passes inspection, it moves on to an initial polishing.


    After the inspection, the stones are carefully set by hand into the finished piece, which is then given a high-quality polish finish.